Meat & Co

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porchetta, arugula, tomato confit, paprika aioli


God Forbid

roast beef, liverwurst, balsamic red onion jam, young cheddar, sesame & coriander


The Bluto

spicy fried chicken, honey mustard, on house baked buttermilk biscuit


Haute Tuna Melt

sicilian tuna, cherry pepper, american cheese, chives


D. Wayne Johnson

house smoked thin sliced turkey breast, starlight farm organic tomato, walden hill bacon, organic baby lettuces, salad cream



sopresatta, capicola, pepperoni, brie, cured vegetable trito, garlic bread



Rick Reuben

choose pastrami or tongue or 50/50, all-day-sauce, swiss cheese, cardamom, braised red cabbage slaw


Steak & Cheese

ribeye, american cheese, onion frizzle, malt vinegar


Don Flamenco 

roast pork belly, swiss cheese, pickles, kewpie mayo, russian mustard 


Garden Rustler

barbeque squash, onion frizzle, house-made bbq sauce, carolina slaw (vegetarian)


Proper Villain

chicken cutlet, kewpie mayo, bitter broccoli, mozzarella di bufala & blistered pepper schmear 


East End 

cauli ower ‘steak,’ hummus, 116 urban garden greens, 116 urban garden ‘ xed’ tomato


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Best Sandwiches in Connecticut.

There are sandwiches, but then there are sandwiches. If that doesn’t make sense, then get yourself to Meat and Co. to understand what we mean. The offerings here are deep, complex takes on classic sandwiches. The Sam Sifton (only available on Tuesdays) will leave you thinking about it for weeks.
— Connecticut Magazine


116 Crown St
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Mon – Thu, 1130 am – 3 pm
Fri – Sat, 1130 am – 3am

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